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Stop Your Business from Getting Sued

We pour so much of ourselves into our businesses. We put our energy, our money, and our time into them, and so much more. Unfortunately, even the most rapidly growing and thriving businesses can be hit hard when a lawsuit lands in their laps. A lawsuit can not only risk the financial well-being of a business, but it can also quickly threaten its reputation and that can leave a business irreparably vulnerable to losing its customer base and quickly marking its decline. Do not let your business remain exposed to lawsuits! There are steps you can take that may not fully inoculate your business from getting sued, but there are steps you can take that can act as strong barriers to protect against getting sued.

How to Prevent Your Business from Getting Sued

First and foremost, thorough and detailed record keeping is a great way to protect your business from being exposed to a lawsuit. Right from the start, establish a record-keeping system in your business. Maintain your records and be consistent in your organization of your records. Records are critical pieces of evidence that your business is following through with its promises. Records are critical pieces of proof that business relationships exist and can include details regarding business relationships and business obligations. Because of this, records can stop a problem, like a lawsuit, before it starts. When a person comes at your business with a charge claiming that your business failed to deliver or follow through on something, your records can be your best defense. If the problem does develop into a lawsuit, records can quickly quash it.

Detailed written agreements will also play a vital role in protecting your business from getting sued. There are a vast array of written agreements that a business can need and the specific type and nature of these written agreements will vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of business you are running. The point is that your business dealings, such as your agreements with vendors, with clients, with your property manager if you are leasing a space, and so much more, should be put in writing and be as detailed as possible. Do not rely on oral agreements. Put everything in writing. The more detailed your agreements, the better they can manage the expectations of all involved and protect your business against lawsuit liability.

As a business owner, you should also become familiar with the relevant federal and state laws regarding your obligations as a business owner in protecting the rights of your employees and maintaining a safe workplace. Learn about FMLA, anti-discrimination laws, and more. On top of this, make sure your employees are properly trained in these areas and schedule time for refresher training as well. Being clear with your employees about matters of great importance can go a long way in protecting your business from lawsuit exposure down the road.

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