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Using well-written and thorough legal contracts is a crucial aspect of succeeding in business. Well-written contracts can help you to protect your business investment and avoid future lawsuits and other legal issues from arising. Understanding your legal obligations and rights in contracts with vendors, suppliers, and other third parties is also important. If you are a business owner, you need a proven and experienced business law attorney on your side.

At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, we have decades of experience successfully representing businesses in contract matters. We can help you write and review contracts to protect your business and your personal property. Our business contract lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any contract issue skillfully. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Our Business Contract Services

Nearly every aspect of running a business involves one or more contracts. Businesses rely on both parties fulfilling the duties in a contract to operate. When one or both parties breach the contract, serious financial consequences can occur. Writing a thorough and legally valid contract gives business owners the right to seek compensation when one party breaches the contract and causes them damages. Our business contract attorneys are prepared to help you with any of the following types of contract issues:

Why Hire One of Our Business Contracts Attorneys 

Managing a business is challenging enough without having to worry about writing business contracts. It is possible for anyone, including non-lawyers, to write business contracts. However, if you’re dealing with important business matters, such as employment contracts and licensing agreements, it’s wise to consult with an experienced contract lawyer. Business owners benefit from working with an experienced business contract lawyer who will carefully listen to all of the facts involved. After understanding the agreement between the two parties, a contract lawyer will carefully write a contract that protects the business owner’s assets. 

Negotiating With the Other Party in Business Contracts

If the other party has already written the contract your own contract lawyer can carefully review it and discuss any red flags with you. Working with a contract lawyer can help you negotiate better terms for the contract. Suppose your lawyer finds a red flag in the contract that could cause you significant financial loss in the future. Your lawyer can begin negotiations with the other party to seek to amend the contract. Our skilled contract lawyers know:

  •  How to properly structure a business contract with the correct clauses and provisions
  • The requirements for a legally valid business contract in Pennsylvania
  • The long-term consequences of different types of contracts, and
  • What to include and exclude in a contract

The Risks of Poorly Written Contracts

Business owners are often busy with managing their employees and trying to earn a profit. When they need to enter an agreement with a customer or vendor quickly, they may be tempted to write a contract quickly. Writing a contract may be quicker and less expensive than consulting with an attorney in the short term. Over the long term, though, a legally unenforceable or short-sighted contract can negatively affect a business owner’s professional and personal life.

When a contract doesn’t meet all of the requirements under Pennsylvania law, a judge may declare the contract null. In other cases, a clause in the contract could put the business owner at risk for litigation. When a business owner doesn’t understand a contract before signing it or writes his contract, significant consequences can occur for the owner, his family, and his business for years to come.

Understanding The Terms in Business Contracts

Contracts are full of complicated legal terms, and many business owners find it impossible or difficult to understand the terms of the contract. Nonetheless, business owners should always understand their obligations and duties under the contract before they sign it. Stating that you didn’t understand the contract isn’t a valid legal defense should litigation occur in the future. Our business contract lawyers can help you understand what you agree to by signing the contract.

We can help you understand what will happen if both parties follow through with their legal obligations. We can also reveal the potential problems that could occur, even with the protection of the contract. Finally, we will help you understand what rights you will have if the other party breaches the contract. Will you be able to sue the other party in court, or will you have to go before an arbitrator? Will you be allowed to sue for punitive damages? We will help you understand these issues and more related to your contract. 

Business Contract Disputes

Dealing with contract disputes is a common problem for business owners. The best defense against contract disputes that lead to litigation is to sign a well-written contract. Unfortunately, even the most carefully written and negotiated contracts aren’t enough to prevent disagreements between the parties who signed the contract. Most contract disputes arise when:

  • One party claims the other party violated the terms of the contract
  • One party accuses the other party of breaching the contract
  • One party challenges a clause in the contract
  • One party claims the contract is not legally valid

Contract disputes can lead to disruptive business practices, serious disagreements, and time-consuming and costly litigation. As soon as a business contract dispute occurs, we recommend contacting our law firm. We can help you resolve the dispute through negotiation. If the negotiation process fails, our trial-ready lawyers will defend you throughout the entire process.

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Whether you need to draft a contract or represent yourself in a contract dispute, Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace is here to help. We are familiar with Pennsylvania contract laws, and our attorneys can explain complicated legal issues in plain English so you can understand the terms of the contract. We will protect your business and personal interests. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.