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For over 80 years, Jones, Gregg, Creehan & Gerace has helped clients navigate the evolving real estate market throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region. Our real estate practice group delivers comprehensive legal services to buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property,  commercial real estate developers and investors, and businesses with real estate components.

We advise clients on a wide range of real estate matters, including:

  • The purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate
  • Commercial and residential real estate leasing
  • Real estate financing, including mortgages, private financing, and leasehold financing
  • Commercial and residential property assessment appeals
  • Title insurance and real estate records searches
  • Commercial real estate development, including shopping centers, retail stores, and office buildings
  • 1031 and 561 exchanges
  • Structuring of ownership to minimize liability and taxes and enhance estate planning
  • Subdivisions and zoning

Our real estate practice group regularly collaborates with a network of real estate professionals — developers, realtors, lenders, title agencies– and works to ensure that each transaction is handled expediently and professionally. When you become our client, you will feel confident with our experienced real estate attorneys by your side. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Western Pennsylvania Residential Real Estate Attorneys

As the region’s economy continues to shift from manufacturing to services and technology, median household incomes and residential property values continue to rise. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires the informed representation we provide. 

Whether you are buying or selling a single-family or multi-family home or a condo, our experienced real estate attorneys will work to protect your interests and secure your investment. We are highly experienced in all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including:

  • Arranging home inspections
  • Reviewing and preparing contracts
  • Conducting title searches
  • Securing financing
  • Coordinating closings

When it comes to the purchase and sales agreement, a well-conceived contract will protect the buyer from losing his or her deposit if the inspection is unsatisfactory or require the seller to make the necessary repairs. 

The contract must also conform to local and state law, clarify how the property can be used, and specify items included in the purchase (appliances, light fixtures). While residential real estate contracts are form documents, it is wise to have an attorney review the agreement to make sure your interests are protected.

At Jones, Gregg, Creehan & Gerace, we understand that buying or selling a home can often be an emotional and stressful process. More than this, residential real estate is the single largest financial investment for many of our clients. Trust our team to provide you with exceptional legal services every step of the way.

Commercial Property Transaction Attorneys in Pittsburgh

Although many real estate attorneys are quite capable of handling residential transactions, buying, selling, or developing commercial property requires a higher level of sophistication.

Our firm is highly experienced in handling transactions involving the purchase and sale of buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and other commercial properties.

We regularly help clients navigate the related zoning and land use, environmental, and title issues and work to arrange a variety of structured financings, including:

  • Syndicated mortgage loans
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans
  • Bond-type financing
  • Credit-tenant financing
  • Conduit financing 

Our firm has developed strong working relationships with local municipalities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region, which we leverage to help our clients navigate the permitting and government affairs issues that may become an impediment to an intended commercial property transaction. When necessary, however, our trial lawyers are fully prepared to litigate land-use disputes. 

Our attorneys also have extensive experience negotiating and preparing construction-related documents for developments ranging from stand-alone projects to multi-stage, multi-location ventures. We work closely with our clients’ team — architects, engineers, design consultants, general contractors, project managers — to ensure that commercial developments proceed smoothly. 

Whether you are buying, selling, or developing commercial property, you need the informed representation we provide. Above all, we will work with you through all phases of the transaction so that you can achieve a favorable return on investment. 

Marcellus Shale: Leasing and Right-of-Way Agreements

The Marcellus Shale underlies much of Pennsylvania and numerous fracking wells are currently in operation, often putting the rights of landowners at odds with powerful oil and gas companies. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to level the playing field. We have successfully represented over a thousand landowners in lawsuits, working to ensure that they recover bonus amounts and proper royalty payments. 

We provide our Marcellus Shale clients with a wide range of legal services, including: 

  • Negotiating oil and gas leases, rights-of-way, and easements
  • Ensuring that landowners receive maximum bonus and royalty payments
  • Tax saving devices
  • Customized estate planning to preserve family wealth
  • Innovative property techniques to protect surface rights and the family legacy
  • Avoiding barriers — zoning, contract, easement restriction

While the future of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Western Pennsylvania is uncertain, given the environmental implications and shifting political winds, we intend to continue providing our landowner clients with sophisticated representation when they need it most.

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At Jones, Gregg, Creehan and Gerace, LLP we are focused on minimizing liability, protecting our clients’ interests, and helping them maximize their investments in residential and commercial property transactions. Contact our office today to consult with our real estate practice group.

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