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When business disputes happen, the original contract is the first place where both parties will look to resolve the issue. Drafting a legally binding contract is crucial to enforcing your rights under the law. The language used in a contract creates the terms under which your relationship with another person or business will operate. It’s crucial that you have a qualified contract lawyer representing you to draft a contract that addresses your needs and goals while protecting your interests. 

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The skilled contract drafting lawyers at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace have an in-depth understanding of Pennsylvania contract law. Our lawyers also have extensive experience drafting contracts for a wide range of individuals and companies. We’ll use our experience to draft contracts that serve your purposes, seek to avoid legal disputes, and are enforceable in court. Contact us today to discuss your contract drafting and review needs.

Our Drafting Contract Experience

At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, our business law attorneys represent clients in the greater Pittsburgh area in all aspects of contract law. We do everything we can to draft legally binding and effective contracts. Our business contract lawyers routinely provide excellent legal advice for clients during contract negotiations. We will listen to our client’s needs and goals and draft a contract based on the agreed-upon terms between the parties. 

If the other party’s attorney drafts the contract, one of our lawyers will conduct a complete review of the contract. We will provide you with legal advice regarding any language or clauses that could put your interests at risk. Our contract drafting lawyers have experience drafting and reviewing many different kinds of business contracts, such as:

The Benefit of Hiring a Lawyer to Draft Your Contracts

There isn’t any legal requirement that you hire a lawyer to draft your contract. Nonetheless, if there is any money at stake, not hiring a lawyer to draft your contract correctly could cost you. Three distinct advantages come with hiring a skilled contract lawyer. First, your lawyer will give you a critical outside perspective on the terms of your contract. Contract lawyers are detail-oriented and excel at solving problems.

During intense negotiations, it can be easy to miss broader issues with the contract. A contract lawyer can point out potential problems with the overall structure of the deal. They can also help you identify potential liability issues and avoid some of the most common pitfalls of hastily written contracts. A contract lawyer will identify the problem and give you a strategy to try to fix the problem. 

Ensuring Your Contract Is Legally Enforceable

Lawyers will also seek to ensure that the contract is legally enforceable. Something as minor as the misplacement of a comma could alter how the courts interpret a clause in your contract. When it comes to drafting a contract, close enough is not always good enough to protect you in court. Your contract needs to be precise and fulfill all legal requirements for a valid contract under Pennsylvania law. 

When you hire a contract lawyer to draft your contract, you will benefit from a legal professional’s understanding of how a court will enforce the contract terms. Working with an experienced lawyer to drop your contract is one of the best ways to ensure that a court will view your contract the same way you view it. By hiring a contract lawyer, you’re adding predictably to your agreements.

We Are Skilled Contract Litigators

Drafting a thorough and legally valid contract is one of the best ways to avoid litigation. Our business contract lawyers know what types of issues commonly arrive in contract litigation. We’ll use this knowledge to help our clients avoid litigation by drafting contracts free from common errors and problematic issues. However, even with a well-drafted contract, there is always a possibility that a dispute will arise.

If you find yourself in the middle of contract litigation, you need a skilled litigation attorney on your side. All of our attorneys have extensive litigation experience and are prepared to represent your interests in court. We understand how to interpret contracts using Pennsylvania law, and we will build a compelling case to support your position in court. Our lawyers are also skilled negotiators and will try to negotiate with the other party to avoid litigation, if possible.

The Dangers of Using Generic Online Form Contracts

Using an online, generic contract service has become more popular. Many people use online legal form services because they are cheaper than working with a lawyer. As with so many things in life, you get what you pay for it. Do-it-yourself legal contracts almost always fail to address any potential issues that could come up adequately. It’s impossible for the creators of a generic form to understand your unique situation and anticipate the problems you could face in a contract dispute.

When the parties haven’t addressed an issue in their contract, one side will usually become disadvantaged. Another issue with do-it-yourself contracts is that they may not be legally enforceable. The contracts could contain provisions that are not enforceable in one or more states. A contract lawyer will ensure that all of the essential elements in your contract are present and that your contract meets the Pennsylvania requirements for a legally valid contract. Even though using a contract service may be cheaper in the short term, it could cost you significantly if you need to go through litigation. 

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Investing in working with a contract lawyer to draft your contracts will help you protect your interests? The experienced contract drafting lawyers at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace understand that they must treat a legal document that serves their clients’ legal and business needs. We’ve written thousands of effective, legally binding contracts, in plain language, for various personal and business situations. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.