Business Fraud Lawyer Pittsburgh

Business fraud typically occurs when one party to a business agreement makes false statements to the other party. Making a fraudulent statement or omitting a material statement to induce another party to enter into an agreement is considered fraudulent inducement. 

At Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace, our business fraud attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of fraud issues. We’ve successfully prosecuted and defended clients in numerous business fraud cases. Contact Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace to schedule a case evaluation and learn more about how we can advocate for you. 

What Is Commercial or Business Fraud Litigation?

Commercial fraud litigation, or business fraud litigation, refers to any fraud related to a business or commercial transaction. The majority of commercial fraud claims involve a party willingly making false statements, engaging in deceptive practices, or promising to perform services or deliver products with no intention of doing so. The laws governing these individuals and organizations are known as commercial business laws, and they help reduce fraudulent activities and ensure smooth transactions. Commercial fraud can involve the following parties:

  • Two businesses
  • A business and a government entity
  • A business and a consumer
  • An employee and an employer 

Fraud is a frequent issue that can arise in commercial litigation cases. Commercial fraud litigation is a broad category that can include litigation surrounding issues such as accounting activities, business transactions, franchise law, cybercrime, and corporations. 

Types of Fraud Litigation Lawsuits We Handle

Fraud can occur in various contexts, such as contracts, business fraud, business relationships, employee fraud, and fraud when purchasing goods or services. Understanding your business’s role in a case of deceit or fraud and your legal options can help you successfully pursue your case. Commercial litigation involving fraud claims can encompass several legal issues and claims, including the following:

  • Fraudulent inducement
  • Misrepresentation, omission, and non-disclosure
  • Fraudulent concealment
  • Tortious interference
  • Fraud by a business partner 
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Consumer fraud and protection from consumer fraud
  • Franchise fraud and related disputes 
  • Fraudulent lending

Securities and Investment Fraud

Laws protect investors from illegal activity by corporations that sell socks, stockbrokers, and other financial entities. Illegal activities can include making material omissions and misrepresentations. Stock option backdating is considered a fraudulent activity. Additionally, Ponzi schemes that cause many investors to lose money quickly through deceitful accounting can constitute fraud. 

Investors who’ve been cheated may have a right to recover their losses by pursuing legal remedies through a direct claim by individual investors against sellers or brokers, derivative actions, and class action lawsuits. The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace investigate and prosecute fraud claims against entities that have defrauded our clients. When we cover evidence of liability and wrongdoing, we create strategies for recovering suitable damages for investor clients. 

Fraudulent Bookkeeping or Accounting Practices

Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace provides effective legal counsel related to fraudulent bookkeeping and accounting claims. If your business has been the victim of accounting fraud, misappropriation of corporate fraud, or accounting fraud, our experienced attorneys are here to help. 

Our commercial litigation division has experience handling complex financial issues. We will work with experts to trace the financial origins of the fraud and identify instances of intermixing personal assets with corporate assets, embezzlement of company funds, and other asset mismanagement. 

The Benefits of Consulting with a Fraud Claims Attorney

All businesses in every industry, including small to mid-sized businesses, are susceptible to fraud. Many business owners will encounter a dispute related to fraud at some point. Discussing your case with an experienced attorney for legal counsel related to protecting your business from fraud is an important, proactive approach. 

Seeking the advice of an experienced commercial litigator can help you protect against fraud. The commercial fraud attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace are prepared to work with you to develop a business strategy to prevent fraud litigation and fraud disputes by providing the following legal services:

  • Review of contracts and commercial agreements
  • Forensic accounting and financial analysis to uncover fraud
  • Investigating business partners and departed employees for evidence of fraud or other malfeasance
  • Strategies to protect intellectual property assets
  • Conducting due diligence reviews and analyzing computer forensics related to business fraud 

Potential Damages Available in Fraud Claims

Business fraud accusations are serious. Litigation related to business fraud can result in monetary damages, injunctive relief, potential disgorgement, and damage to the affected business’s reputation. Successful plaintiffs may also be entitled to recover exemplary damages at trial. Business litigation attorneys can investigate your case and identify issues early to ensure the case is handled properly from the beginning. An attorney can also help you pursue relief through an injunction or restraining order to stop further financial and reputational damage from occurring. 

At Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace, we advocate for clients to recover the losses they’ve suffered due to the fraudulent activities of other businesses or consumers. We will work with financial experts to determine the full value of your damages, including compensation for damages related to the anticipated profits lost due to a contractual breach. 

Defenses Against Fraud or Charges of Fraud

When individuals or businesses have been charged with fraud, they can face serious repercussions, even when the allegations are false. The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace have extensive experience defending those accused of commercial fraud. If you’ve been accused of commercial fraud, our commercial litigators are prepared to provide you with a strategic, effective legal defense. 

Discuss Your Case with a Pittsburgh Fraud Litigation Attorney

The litigation attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace know that fraudulent misrepresentation and other types of business fraud can severely interfere with the profitability and longevity of a business. If you or your business have fallen victim to fraud involving another business, government agency, individual, or other party, our attorneys are prepared to represent your business. 

We will work diligently to pursue the most favorable outcome in your case. When necessary, our commercial litigation attorneys are prepared to represent you throughout the trial process. Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace has extensive experience providing sound, strategic legal counsel to clients involved in corporate or business fraud disputes. Contact Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace to schedule a complimentary case evaluation.