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Once we have children, our perspective on the essential aspects of our lives can change. Parents want to ensure that minor children are taken care of through legal guardianship in case they die unexpectedly. Designating a guardian for your child or children in your will ensures you avoid the court selecting a guardian you may not want to raise your children. 

Appointing a guardian for minor children is one of the most important ways to ensure they will be cared for by someone you trust. Suppose you have questions about planning for guardianship through your estate plan or pursuing guardianship of a child in your care. You will benefit from discussing your case with an experienced attorney. Contact the Pittsburgh guardianship attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace today to schedule an evaluation and learn more about your legal options. 

The Process of Legal Guardianship of a Minor in Pennsylvania

The process can seem overwhelming or confusing if you would like to pursue legal guardianship of a child. The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace understand that guardianship issues can be challenging, especially because they involve children. You may feel like you are in unfamiliar territory as you pursue guardianship. Our attorneys offer services that will provide you and the child in your care with certainty and stability. Whether you want to ensure that you select a guardian for your child by creating a last will and testament, or you are currently involved in a guardianship issue, we are here to help. 

Our Pennsylvania Minor Guardianship Services

The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan Gerace have effectively handled many Pittsburgh guardianship cases. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will provide all of the legal advocacy, support, and guidance you need when faced with the uncertainty of a guardianship decision. We will carefully explain the Pennsylvania guardianship process while advising you of your legal rights and responsibilities as the legal guardian. 

If you decide to pursue guardianship, we will prepare and file the necessary legal paperwork so you can establish guardianship. Our attorneys will arrange and represent you at your court hearing to obtain legal guardianship. After guardianship has been established, we can help you extend or terminate legal guardianship should that become necessary.

The Benefits of Guardianship for a Minor

The guardianship process can seem overwhelming, but many benefits come with being appointed a child’s legal guardian. Guardianship is frequently a temporary arrangement that establishes legal custody of a child to the current caregiver. Unlike through adoption, a parent’s rights are not completely terminated in guardianship. The child’s parent has a right to file a petition with the court to terminate the guardianship and regain legal custody of his or her child at any time. Establishing guardianship can benefit everyone involved, including the guardian, the parents, and the children.

The Benefits of Guardianships for Parents

Guardianship provides parents with a temporary solution when they are going through a difficult time. When their current circumstances make it difficult for them to parent, guardianship allows their children to receive care, love, and a guardian home. Many parents voluntarily enter into a guardianship relationship to maintain their parental rights until they can resume their day-to-day parenting responsibilities.

The Benefits of Guardianship for Guardians and Children

Guardianships are beneficial for caregivers because, without legal guardianship, caregivers have very few legal rights for the child or children they are raising. A guardianship allows the caregiver to have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a parent while the child is in their care. As a result, everyday parenting tasks become easier, like enrolling the child in school, extracurricular activities, and getting the child healthcare.

Guardianship is important to provide the child with a sense of stability in their life while they are in the care of relatives or friends. The court may appoint an attorney to represent the child and ensure that the child’s best interests are being considered. Many legal guardianship cases involve difficult, chaotic circumstances. By going through guardianship, the child can receive the peace of mind and stability she needs and deserves. At the same time, the parent attempts to rectify the problems relating to guardianship becoming necessary.

Pursuing Guardianship if a Parent Has Abandoned the Child

Biological parents have a right to appoint a guardian of their choosing for their child in their will. However, parents can lose this right. For example, if a parent has not provided for the child in any manner for at least a year before his or her death, that parent can lose the right to appoint a guardian in his or her will. 

Guardianship of Adults

The process is called guardianship when a person assumes legal responsibilities for an elderly or incapacitated adult. Additionally, when an adult is entrusted with another adult’s estate, the guardian is called a “Guardian of the Estate.” These types of guardians are frequently appointed when a person is in a nursing home or otherwise incapacitated and has been declared legally incompetent. 

How to Become a Legal Guardian in Pennsylvania

The process to become a legal guardian can vary in Pennsylvania. If you’re considering becoming a legal guardian for a child you care about, you will benefit from reaching out to an attorney who can help you understand the process. The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace will guide you through each step of the process, from filing the petition with the court to arranging the hearing to obtain legal guardianship. 

Discuss Your Case with a Pittsburgh Experienced Guardianship of a Minor Attorney

Appointing a guardian for your minor child is one of the most important ways to ensure they’ll be cared for by someone you love and trust. The attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace are here to help you with any guardianship issues you may have. Contact Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace today to schedule your initial case evaluation and learn more about our legal services.