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When not properly resolved, shareholder disputes between companies and their investors can cost parties large sums of money and put a business’s future in jeopardy. Ensuring that you have experienced legal representation in your corner is important to give your business the best chance at a positive outcome.

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At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, we represent shareholders and company executives in complex shareholder dispute matters. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience in state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania, giving you the insight you need on the best ways to resolve your case while protecting your financial interests. If you are involved in a shareholder dispute in the Greater Pittsburgh area, contact our business disputes attorney to schedule your initial consultation.

Our Shareholder Dispute Services

When corporate executives and shareholders disagree over the company’s direction, litigation can become the only way to resolve a dispute. Many different types of allegations can lead to high-stakes shareholder dispute litigation. Criminal allegations such as insider trading or breach of fiduciary duty can lead to litigation. Similarly, disagreements over shareholder rights, board of director elections, executive compensation, or payment of dividends can become hostile quickly. 

At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, our attorneys understand that when litigation over shareholder disputes happens, businesses need the right type of legal representation. Our law firm has a stellar reputation for handling corporate litigation in a cost-effective way. We focus on finding workable solutions, not on dragging the process out as long as possible. Whether in mediation, private negotiations, or a trial, we are well-positioned to protect your and your business’s interests. Our Pittsburgh area clients rely on us for effective legal advice in the following types of shareholder dispute matters:

  •  Breaches of fiduciary duty
  •  Disagreements over the sale of assets
  •  Disagreements over mergers and acquisitions
  •  Corporate governance
  •  Dividends, distribution, and shareholder loans
  •  Dissolutions
  •  Excessive executive compensation claims
  •  Self-dealing
  •  Misappropriation of confidential information
  •  Valuation disputes 
  •  Breaches of shareholder/partnership agreements 
  •  Executive compensation
  •  Minority rights disputes
  •  Mistreatment or waste of company assets

Innovative Shareholder Representation

Shareholder disputes often involve complicated legal and financial issues along with sensitive personal issues. These types of disputes can become hostile, and it’s important to work with an attorney as soon as possible. Whether we are representing majority owners, minority owners, or the company itself, the attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace have an in-depth understanding of the law. We also have a strong command of the financial issues that affect balance sheets and businesses.

We approach shareholder disputes with an understanding that legal solutions aren’t always the same as practical business solutions. We need to address both elements properly or a shareholder dispute can cause the demise of an otherwise successful business. We utilize our legal team’s in-depth experience to successfully manage shareholder disputes. We also use our ability to navigate complex financial and business issues to help our clients reach an outcome that will ultimately meet their business and personal objectives.

The Benefits of Working with An Attorney 

Going through a shareholder dispute can be a financially and emotionally draining process. When you work side-by-side with your partners to build a successful business, it can be a shock when a dispute arises that can’t be talked out. Tensions can rise quickly, threatening your business and overall profitability. Our attorneys take all of these factors into account when representing shareholders and closely-held businesses in disputes. 

In many cases, we will attempt negotiation until litigation becomes necessary. We also understand that a quick glance at a company’s financial statements doesn’t tell the whole story. Our attorneys know which questions to ask to discover whether the partners have been treating other partners in the company fairly. 

We have successfully represented clients in many shareholder disputes. Our experience allows us to skillfully and quickly identify potential issues that may arise during the process. We can often discover issues that aren’t readily apparent and help companies and owners navigate potential disputes or effectively resolve the disputes they’ve already encountered.

Working Toward a Successful Shareholder Disputes Resolution

Shareholder disputes can be some of the most damaging types of disputes for businesses. Achieving a successful resolution to a shareholder or partnership dispute requires legal knowledge, negotiation skills, and business acumen. At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, we understand that every shareholder dispute is unique. A judgment in court is one successful outcome in a shareholder dispute case. However, there may be other successful outcomes to shareholder disputes. Obtaining a negotiated buyout or a change in a management role or corporate structure through mediation, arbitration, or negotiation could be the most cost-effective solution.

At Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace, we don’t automatically assume that heading to litigation is the best option for our clients. Instead, we carefully listen to our client’s immediate and big-picture goals. We also help our clients understand the risks that taking the case to court can pose for their business. After discussing possible solutions with our clients, if we believe we can achieve a successful result while avoiding a lawsuit, we will advise our client to do so and begin the negotiation process. However, we always keep in mind that litigation may be necessary. Taking the case in front of a judge or jury could be the best solution, and our attorneys have extensive court experience in a wide range of business litigation cases. 

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Whether you are defending yourself against allegations from shareholders or seeking monetary damages, you need an experienced attorney on your side. The shareholder dispute attorneys at Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace will carefully review your case and provide you with effective legal counsel. Our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating solutions in shareholder disputes. When negotiation doesn’t work, our trial-ready attorneys will be prepared to take your case to court. Contact Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace today to schedule your initial consultation.