Small business owner discussing documents with a business lawyer

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from a Business Lawyer

When many people think of a business attorney, they think of large legal teams working for mega-corporations. However, small companies make up the backbone of the economy in the United States. If you own a small business, there are many different ways your small business can benefit from working with an experienced attorney. With the help of an attorney, you can decrease the likelihood that your small business will face costly legal challenges from customers, employees, or other businesses.

1. Forming a Legal Business Structure

There are multiple ways you can structure a small business under Pennsylvania law. The default legal formation structure is a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship has the least paperwork requirements. However, sole proprietors are personally liable for their business’s debts and financial obligations. 

If a court awards a person or company compensation from your company, you will personally be responsible for paying the compensation. A small business attorney can help you choose a different legal structure that provides you with more protection. Many small business owners protect themselves and their businesses by forming a partnership, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or a corporation.

2. Effective Legal Counsel on a Wide Range of Matters

Business owners know that every day brings new challenges when operating a small business. You never know what type of legal matters could arise during the day-to-day operation of your business. Working with an experienced business attorney can help you address potential legal issues as they come up. For example, a business attorney can help you decide whether you should write a contract when hiring an independent contractor. They can also help you stay on top of your taxes, create an employee handbook, and provide counsel for any other issues that arise.

3. Protecting Your Small Business from Liability

Experienced business attorneys understand how frivolous lawsuits arise. Working with an attorney can help you limit your liability. It isn’t always possible to prevent every type of frivolous lawsuit. However, an attorney can identify red flags in your business practices and address them to decrease the potential of a costly lawsuit.

4. Drafting Contracts

Business owners must draft many different types of contracts, from non-disclosure agreements to protect their intellectual property to contracts with vendors and other third parties. A small business attorney can help you draft contracts to protect your business. They can also review contracts and negotiate them to ensure they are fair.

5. Helping You with Disputes

Many people think businesses have a significant amount of money. They may not think twice about bringing a lawsuit, even if the issue seems minor. When disputes arise with employees, customers, vendors, or any other party, working with an attorney can help you handle the dispute

An attorney may be able to help you negotiate a better outcome and prevent you from becoming involved in litigation. Working with an attorney can be a cost-effective way to handle disagreements more quickly and efficiently than litigation. Avoiding litigation can also help your small business avoid negative publicity.

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