Common Types of Business Disputes

Those in the business world are usually no strangers to disputes popping up. Those entering the business world are likely to confront the same challenges. Regardless of your business type, the industry you are in, or the size of your business, it is all too likely that, at one point or another, a business dispute will arise. Of course, there are things you can do on the front end and in the midst of such disputes to help minimize the impact it will have on your company, the company’s strength, growth, and level of productivity, in particular. To help you understand what your business may confront in terms of a legal dispute, we want to review some of the more common types of business disputes that arise.

Common Types of Business Disputes

Disputes in the business world can occur at a number of different levels. For instance, employment disputes are quite common and the issues can range from discrimination claims to family medical leave disputes and everything in between. Claims of unfair treatment or payment disputes can quickly evolve into a real legal headache for a business.

Internal disputes cannot just arise between an employer and an employee, but can also occur at the partnership level. Disputes between partners are actually very common and can have devastating consequences for the business as a whole if not properly and swiftly addressed. Partnership disputes can often arise over things like:

  • Changes in company leadership
  • Disagreements over the direction of the business
  • Disagreements in hiring matters
  • Financial disputes

Even the most well-operated businesses that have great communication between partners can still have disputes arise between partners. A solid partnership agreement can help prevent such disputes from arising and, even if a dispute does arise, the partnership agreement can provide a concrete method for the dispute to be handled.

In addition to internal disputes that can arise within a business, there are also business-to-business disputes that commonly arrive. When a dispute arises between businesses, the matter can be both complex and delicate. Oftentimes business to business disputes require intervention by legal professionals to either mediate the matter to a mutually agreeable resolution or to bring a legal action necessitating court intervention depending on the severity of the dispute.

Breach of contract disputes are also common in the business world and can involve disputes between businesses, business partners, or between the business and its employees. As a legally binding agreement, contracts must be upheld by all parties and, when breached, will often result in legal damages being sought by the party injured by the other party’s breach of the agreement. Breach of contract disputes will often result if one party fails to uphold their end of the agreement. Other times, a contract may be unclear or ambiguous and that can lead to contract disputes.

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